Why Hawthorn Finance?

Hawthorn Finance provides expert advice to business owners and individuals across all aspects of finance and lending. Formed in 2008, Hawthorn Finance fills a void in the finance industry and attracts clients who want a better deal than they are currently receiving from their financial institution in terms of price, structure and service.

Traditionally, company directors and business owners have dealt directly with their primary bank, relying heavily on the advice provided by bank personnel to structure their financial affairs. Bank employees are typically incentivised to cross sell loans and ancillary services whether they add value to the customer or not.

High staff turnover within financial institutions has led to clients growing increasingly frustrated by a general lack of continuity in the relationship management of their financial affairs. Clients are seeking a dedicated adviser who understands their business and who does not need to be re-educated every time their bank manager changes. Added to this are pressures associated with the ever changing nature of the Australian financial landscape.

In some cases, individuals and businesses have sought assistance from advisers who are not adequately qualified or experienced to provide the correct financial advice. At Hawthorn Finance we create a partnership that lasts and a commitment to deliver the best possible solution for your financial future.

We will always be there for you.

The Hawthorn Finance Approach

We appreciate that each client is different with a unique framework of financial parameters and goals. So we’ll do the hard work for you, researching and presenting you with tailored financial solutions.
We’ll complete an objective appraisal of your finance and lending needs, taking into account your financial strengths and risk tolerance, with consideration to your short and long term financial objectives. No matter how complex or simple the circumstances or structures, we are confident in our ability to efficiently deliver cost effective options to benefit you or your business.

Whether you know a little or a lot about finance and lending, we will make sure you understand and keep you informed at each stage of the funding process. We will work with you to explain each scenario and cut through the jargon until you are satisfied with the options available and feel comfortable making an informed choice.

Hawthorn Finance has an accredited team with strong networks and experience in dealing with over 30 different financiers. Our negotiating skills and purchasing power enables our clients to obtain a better financial outcome than if they approached the financier directly.
We can direct our clients to the right financier for their situation and provide access to senior people within those organisations. This approach saves business owners time and money as we can prepare, structure and negotiate pricing and loan covenants to achieve the optimal financial solution.